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Picture of BNC to IC Hooks

BNC to IC Hooks

Picture of USB Type A to B

USB Type A to B

Picture of 30AWG Stranded Wire

30AWG Stranded Wire

What's the ResiStore?

The ResiSTORE is an on-campus electronic component store managed by the OSU Robotics Club!
It offers many of the components you need to complete your engineering coursework, design work, and personal projects.

What do we sell?

We sell just about every common electronic component along with some of the rarer TTL logic chips. We also have a selection of microcontrollers and so much more!
We also take requests if you cannot find what you're looking for.

Where's the ResiStore?

We are located in the basement of Dearborn Hall, next to the elevator and staircase.
That's room number DEAR 007.