Our History

Remember the IEEE Store!


Dearborn Hall is constructed to accommodate the growing engineering program at Oregon State College. The building is named after Richard H. Dearborn, the Head of the Electrical Engineering Department from 1914-1934 and the Dean of Engineering from 1935-1944. Below is Dearborn Hall in 1949 nearing completion.


Professor Donald L. Amort establishes an electronics kit store in Dearborn Hall to supply his Electrical Engineering courses. This allowed his students to get kits directly from him to ensure the kit has the correct contents. The original store was in the 2nd floor janitor's closet of Dearborn Hall (depicted below).


The IEEE Club at Oregon State begins to play a greater role in the operations of Prof. Amort's store. Creating bills of material to keep it stocked and supplying a volunteer staff to keep to store going for more hours of the day. It is given the name the 'IEEE Store'. Documents detailing this are currently avaliable in the OSU Archives.


Dearborn Hall is remodeled after 25 years.


Dearborn Hall is given an exterior paint touch-up.


All of Dearborn Hall undergoes maintenance as part of a campus-wide initiative. At some point during this maintenance the IEEE Store is moved from the 2nd floor closet to the Dearborn Basement in room 07.


The IEEE Club has continued to support the store over the years, however an overhaul of the club structure now calls for a store manager to be elected along with other club officers. The first officially elected store manager is Shawn Wilton.


A website is made and maintained to inform the student body about the components avaliable in the store. The website is avaliable on the Web Archive. Robert Stemp (2006 Store Manager) in the store imaged below.


Professor Don Amort, founder of the store and univeristy professor, retires after 38 years of teaching at Oregon State University. Official OSU notice is on the web.


The store undergoes multiple upgrades that help volunteers deal with the large inventory the club received after Mega Tech of Oregon closed and its inventory was given the store. These upgrades included a winch to open the sales window and boxes to hold the reels of SMD/SMT components. A video describing the store manager role at that time was produced.


Due to a lack of leadership the IEEE Club is disbanded and the store is ultimately given to the Oregon State Robotics Club due to efforts from Nick McComb, Dylan Thrush, and Prof. Don Heer. The store is initially given the name of the Oregon State Robotics Club Store.


The store is rebranded to the ResiSTORE and new marketing materials are made along with the new website. The 2016 website is still hosted at ancient.resi.store


The store is given more upgrades to make it more accessible to students including a full PoS System, improved inventory tracking, and a new website. The manager position also became an appointed officer position to meet the increasing complexity of the store. The 2018 website is still hosted at old.resi.store. Barometer article of the store at that time [here].


The store moved fully online in response to the pandemic for the Spring and Summer terms. Another new website was made to accommodate this switch. The website you are currently on!

Hall of Store Managers

  • Shawn Wilton (2004 - 2005)

  • Cassidy Roop (2005 - 2006)

  • Robert Stemp (2006 - 2008)

  • Jack Yinger & Ben Waters (2008 - 2009)

  • Jarrod Jackson & Ben Waters (2009 - 2010)

  • Warren Mui & Sam House (2010 - 2011)

  • Michael Adams (2011 - 2012)

  • Marshal Horn (2012 - 2013)

  • Christopher Martin (2013 - 2014)

  • Kyle Humphrey (2014 - 2015)

  • Samuel Kurtz (2015 - 2016)

  • Nick McComb & Dylan Thrush (2016)

  • Nick Ames (2016 - 2017)

  • Johnathan Nutter (2017 - 2018)

  • Eva Sala (2018 - 2019)

  • Tristan Luther (2019 - 2020)

  • Malachi Fisher & David Wood (2020 - 2021)

  • Malachi Fisher (2021 - 2022)

  • Alden Micklavzina, Julian Henry & Stella Doehring (2022 - 2023)